I Wonder if the Snow…

I wonder if the snow loves the trees and fields, that it kisses them so gently?

– Lewis Carroll

This week it snowed here and it brought this quote back to me. These words transport us to the moment in time when this beautiful thought came to Lewis Carroll. The gently falling snow. The peaceful countryside. The feeling of contentment.

We use words every day for conveying useful information. These words convey no useful information at all. And yet they tell us so much.

These words tell us that the theme of nature is an important one. Something the author wanted us to pay attention to.

These words highlight the beauty of transience. Snow isn’t permanent and perhaps that is why it can really lift our mood. Just as some people are not in our lives for long yet they change us irrevocably. Or a great book is finished in a few days but the message remains with us all our lives.

These words tell us what the author felt in that moment. Not just about nature but also about his life. This was a writer who knew what it meant to be loved. And his words remind us how special that is.

What this quote means to me

What I love about this quote is the author’s mastery of words. He could have written ‘watching falling snow makes me happy’. But those words will not stay with you. They will not change the way you feel.

Whatever you want to say, the words you use really matter.

Your choice of words can be the difference between your message being quickly forgotten or still being quoted over a century later.

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