Books by Deborah Grant-Dudley

14 year-old Cameron Barnes is not happy about having to give up his summer holiday for a family celebration in Dorset. But it’s not long before a mystery comes to light that will take all his skills, and more, to solve. With the help of his Latvian cousin, he’s about to learn some history they don’t teach in school!

“This book was complete escapism, I felt that I was on the coastal path in Dorset at one point. Really enjoyed it, strongly recommend it.” – reviewer.

Available in Kindle and paperback.

Teenager Cameron Barnes stumbles onto a mystery in Costa Rica. A family’s legacy has been lost and no-one knows why. Desperate not to spend every moment on his trip with his parents, he’s ready to impress new friend Joselyn with his mystery-solving skills.

But with an unwanted follower in his way, how will he navigate the jungle of clues and myths to uncover the fate of the lost plantation?

“The author wove Costa Rican history, animals and the production of coffee throughout a captivating mystery.” – reviewer.

Available in Kindle and paperback.

When thirteen-year-old British boy Cameron Barnes travels to Japan, he finds a new friend and an old mystery. Searching for information about events at a castle that was ruined hundreds of years ago, Cameron follows a trail of clues through history. He uncovers a story of priceless treasure, Samurai protectors, a cryptic message and a deadly weapon. Can he unlock the puzzle that has been waiting for over 300 years?

“Anyone wishing to enjoy some escapism along with learning about the way people live in a remarkable place will want to read this book.” – reviewer.

Available in Kindle and paperback.