The Comedy of Authors

“The most wasted of all days is one without laughter” – E. E. Cummings.

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Children laugh hundreds of times a day (well, under normal circumstances, at least). Many adults are down to single figures, and on some days, no laughs at all.

Yet laughing relieves stress and boosts the immune system. It also helps us stay optimistic when times are tough. So comedy seems to be a good coping strategy.

Fortunately there are all kinds of comedy books for all kinds of readers. Whether you prefer a farce with hilarious predicaments and coincidences, or a satire that pokes fun at human behaviour, there are plenty of laugh out loud opportunities. Try The Comedy of Errors (whose title I have borrowed for this post) or Cold Comfort Farm.

If you find yourself wishing you could be in a different time or place, a comedy of manners like An Ideal Husband, or a romantic comedy like Emma, can stave off reality for a few hours.

Being a mystery fan myself, I prefer comedy-mysteries, enjoying the company of funny detectives like Agatha Raisin. Although I am glad I don’t know anyone like her in real life!

Kids have their pick of humorous reading material. It feels as if every other book written for children is a comedy. And this is great because adults can enjoy children’s books too. 

Sharing a funny story is even better than reading one alone.

Of course, a story doesn’t even have to be a comedy to make you laugh. There are many characters who bring a little humour to difficult situations. Take Miss Marple, for example. While you are chuckling at the professional detective struggling to keep up with the elderly lady he blatantly underestimated, she is busy solving a heinous crime.

If you’re looking for your next funny read, my satirical short story ‘The Vanishing of Zenith House’ is free on Wattpad or my Goodreads author page.

Feel free to share any comedy story recommendations in the comments.

Deborah Grant-Dudley is the author of The Lost Mysteries series of travel mystery books, available from Amazon and other online retailers.