A Time to Budget

There’s a joke in reading circles that even when readers don’t have much money, they can always afford just one more book. But is that still true?

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The price of books is rising. At the same time, many of us are struggling with everyday costs. Are books once again becoming a luxury? Can we stretch our budgets a little further to include the occasional book purchase?

Books to love

A great way to make sure you will love every book you buy is to get recommendations. You can find recommendations from readers who like similar books to you, on sites like Bookbub. Or follow me on Bookbub to see my book recommendations.

Another way to find suitable books is to search online for titles of books you’ve already read. This will bring up other books that list your favourites as comparable titles. 

It’s also worth looking for book series. Authors often discount the first book in a series to encourage readers to give them a try. A word of warning with this approach – check if you need to read all the books in the series to get to an ending. This can get expensive! But there are many series where the books can be read individually. And if you love the first book, you can buy the next one with confidence.

Books to share

If you buy books for other people as well as yourself, it’s worth looking for books you can share. My son loves football biographies, I love mysteries and thrillers. But we share a sci-fi collection.

If you know someone with similar reading tastes, you can borrow their books and lend yours in return. And if you’re happy to share with strangers, there’s also the library. These have the added bonus of librarians who may be able to help you find something just right for you. Once you’ve found an author you love, you can spend money on their other books, knowing it won’t be wasted.

Books to wish for

The festive season is almost upon us, so it’s a great time to start a wish list. That way, when someone wants to buy you a gift, they can get you something you’ll really appreciate. And avoid the pitfall of…

Books to tempt

Book tokens and gift vouchers are a really bad idea for people on a budget. It’s so easy to go over budget because the items you find almost invariably come to more than the voucher amount. And even if you stay within the amount gifted, vouchers usually exclude delivery charges. 

If you receive a token or voucher when you are on a budget, I urge you to think carefully before using it. And please also think carefully before buying someone else one. Especially if the recipient is a child, whose parents may feel they have to make up the difference, whether they can afford it or not.

Books to banish

If you own any physical books you didn’t enjoy, you can sell them to a used book service. Someone else may enjoy them more. And you will have money for new books.

If you save money by buying used books, you can pay the author in a different way. Just leave a review on Amazon, Bookbub, Goodreads, or wherever you find your books.

Have you found any ways to make your book budget go further?

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