An Adventure Calls

Story setting is a subject that features frequently on this blog. New places can be very inspiring, to both readers and writers. So I’m excited to let you know – I have travel plans this year!

Of course I don’t know whether I’ll actually get there. One of my family members could get Covid at exactly the wrong time. Or our flight could be cancelled due to staff being off sick. Or our chosen destination could be hit by another wave of illness, and have to close its borders again. 

But there’s also the very exciting possibility that none of those things will happen. We could be discovering the secrets of Sardinia in a few short months. I am so ready for this adventure.

One of my favourite ways to survive reality is having something extraordinary to look forward to.

Photo by Oleg Magni on

Research or inspiration?

Whether this will be a book research trip, I don’t yet know. Sardinia is not one of the destinations I had in mind for the next book in the Lost Mysteries series. But the last few years have taught me a few things. Including the value of being flexible. And the importance of back-up plans.

I’ll be using this trip to replenish my inspiration reserves. It will either spark a new story, or give my muse an opportunity to recharge. Either way, it will be a worthwhile endeavour. Plus, there will be sunshine!

And if the trip is cancelled?

If our Sardinia trip is cancelled (like our Florence trip), I will be very disappointed. And probably won’t write anything for weeks.

Still, I can live vicariously – if somewhat enviously – through my fellow travellers. Do you have travel plans this year?

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