The Reader Who Played With Words

Anyone need a reminder that reading can still be fun?

When children are small, we teach them to read using books with colourful pictures and enticing textures. Books with flaps they can lift and tabs they can pull. Books to play with. 

We read to children. Poems that rhyme. Again and again, until they know them off by heart. We introduce them to lovable characters they enjoy spending time with. For young children, it’s so much fun to read! 

Image of a child with a picture book.
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Then school comes along 

And does its best to suck all the fun out of reading! My son is working on poetry terminology at school. He’s been working on this for four weeks. Including four sets of homework on the subject. 

That’s right. Four whole weeks just on the correct terminology to describe poems. I can see why he’s no longer excited about reading poetry!

And then they grow up

If you follow this blog regularly, you probably read for pleasure. But did you know most adults don’t read for pleasure? They spend hours each day reading for work, adulting, keeping up with the news. They don’t want to read anything else, thank you very much! I get that.

There are a lot of people who can’t even remember what it was like to read with no other goal than to enjoy it.

Let’s bring back playing with words

Isn’t it great to read someone’s words and just have fun with them? Enjoy them. Play with them. Feel them. 

Without having to analyse it. Or extract information from it. Or learn anything. Without having to describe it using the correct terminology. 

To just enjoy reading.

This poem by Robin LeeAnn is a great example of something you can just read and enjoy. And maybe share with someone who needs a reminder that reading can still be fun.


Sometimes I wish the world was as simple as the sky.

Those two blinking dots rising one step at a time aren’t planes. They’re fairies flying higher, chasing each other beside the twilight clouds.

That purple swirling one over there is a dolphin. Its mouth is open, ready for fish. Ready for us.

I wait for it to move. But instead I watch the fairies fly over the dolphin with ease. It never pays any attention to them.

And I know the world can’t be that simple.

Copyright © Robin LeeAnn

There’s lots more on Robin’s website.

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