Around the World in Eighty Books

How to turn a need for escapism into a literary voyage

One of the main reasons people give for reading fiction is escapism. But now, the setting of a story is becoming more important when choosing our next book. Many of us who used to travel, are turning to books to fill that void.

Even if you weren’t able to travel much before, travel fiction is a trend you can get on board with.

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Have you ever enjoyed a book while travelling to a new destination or after a day out exploring? Why not enjoy a new destination while reading a book instead?

There are so many books set in different locations, and even books about journeys. It’s easy to find something that feeds our inner traveller without actually going anywhere.

Do you prefer the experience of a local, or the observations of a visitor finding their way in a new location? There are plenty of stories and plenty of exciting destinations to choose from.

Ready for a challenge?

This could be a great reading challenge to set yourself. How many countries can you visit through books this year? Probably a lot more than you would usually visit in person!

A good place to start your reading challenge is the website Tripfiction. It has books set in hundreds of destinations. Including a travel mystery series by yours truly.

Ready to start your literary voyage? Let’s go!

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