How to Slow Time

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The Benefits of Slow Reading

I get it. You’re busy. You don’t always have time to savour every word you read. But you are going to spend valuable time reading. Could you use your reading time more effectively?

You can make your time count by slowing down just enough to get all the benefits of reading.

Reading for pleasure is supposed to be a break from rushing about. Reading actually reduces stress – if you let it. Give yourself permission to slow down and take a moment to savour what you’re reading.

Absorb More

Do you allow yourself to be transported to the story’s setting? Reading slowly and stopping after each scene will allow you to:-

  • See the scenes
  • Hear the voices
  • Taste the flavours
  • Smell the aromas and
  • Feel the emotions 

Remember more

The more immersed you become in a story, the longer it will stay with you. Slow reading includes taking breaks to think about the story. This will help anchor it in your memory. 

Something I love about reading for pleasure is enjoying the story all over again when something reminds you of it later. This is a great reason to remember more of the story.

Nail that Book Review

Ever got to the end of a book and had no idea what to write in a review? If you make notes as you go along, your book review will be drafted five minutes after you finish the book.

This is also helpful for those times when someone asks you about the book you’re reading. Making notes of key points will ensure you have interesting things to say. So you can avoid rambling about everything that has taken place in the story so far!

Be a Better Thinker

Rushing through a book can leave you with exactly the message the author wanted to give. But is that what you actually think? Does your life experience bear that out? Considering what you’ve read at the end of each chapter may give you a different perspective.

The Downside

So, slow reading can help you absorb more, remember more, nail your book reviews and be a better thinker. What could be bad about that? Well, there is one disadvantage I can think of.

Slow reading will help you notice more about every story. The downside of this is you will be more likely to notice any less than stellar writing. Consider yourself warned!

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7 thoughts on “How to Slow Time

  1. I tend to be a slow reader. Sometimes I wish I could speed-read. But what I’ve done with so little time is turn to audio books. Oh my goodness…love em. My eyes get to rest but a different world gets to be imagined. Great fun. I do like slow reading though too…in fact, I think I miss it. sigh.

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