A History of an Author in 100 Posts

For any readers who don’t yet know me, I’m a middle grade / young adult author. The theme of my blog is helping readers get more out of books. And this is my 100th post!

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A huge thank you to all my followers for your support. To celebrate, I’ve put together a round up of my favourite and most popular posts so far.

Blog Series

The subjects closest to my heart could not be contained in one post. Readers often say they don’t know what to put in a book review and many people don’t know why it’s so important to write one. So there’s a whole blog series to check out on the important topic of book reviews.

One of my favourite topics, which has turned out to be popular with readers too, is quotations. So there’s also a blog series on author quotes. The quote series is ongoing. So let me know if you have a favourite author quote you’d like to see featured on this blog!

Blog Categories

Looking through my blog categories, book settings is an ever popular topic. Fortunately, it’s one I love writing about. The biggest category, reading, unsurprisingly gets lots of interest, too. And posts in the book marketing category continue to get views months after publishing.

This helps me understand what to focus on in the future to keep readers coming back. But let me know if there’s anything different you want to see posts about.

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Favourite Posts

I think the posts that best describe who I am and what I do are the ones about travel and writing. I suggest reading The Call of the Unexplored, and Words From the Heart, for getting to know a bit more about me and my work.

What have been your favourites posts so far?

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