Love in the Time of Lockdown

So it’s time for a Valentine’s Day post. I don’t know about you but I’m not feeling particularly romantic at the moment. To be honest, I’d rather be reading a book.

Maybe you are spending this Valentine’s Day by yourself. Perhaps you are fed up of the commercial aspect of the day. Or just dreaming of a few hours away from that special person who you’ve been trapped in the same house with for what feels like an eternity!

Well, books have the answer. They can supply the romance that real life might be lacking right now.

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From an entertaining romantic comedy to an elegant historical courtship. From a thriller with a suspicious love interest to an intense paranormal passion. From teen books about first love to something a little steamier for the adults. Or even some romantic poetry for the newly in love. There’s something for everyone.

If this is a difficult time for you, perhaps a revenge thriller might fit the bill. Or a story about starting over.

Books can also provide complete escapism if you don’t even want to think about romance at the moment. How about a book about whatever you love? For me, that would be a travel guide or a historical mystery.

Whatever genres you’re into, books can give you what reality can’t.

But if you’re feeling really happy with the relationship you’re in, and not craving anything more, maybe just skip the books this weekend!

One of my favourite stories for this time of year is Jane Austen’s Persuasion. I like the idea of second chances.

What will you be reading this Valentine’s Day?

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