The Ten Thousand Covers of January

Exciting news! My new book has been selected by the lovely people at AllAuthor to be a contender in the January Cover of the Month contest!

The cover of The Lost Cargo features a white and red lighthouse against a blue sky.

Ok, so there weren’t quite ten thousand entries but my book has done well to get past the first hurdle. And there is some tough competition for the next round. For The Lost Cargo to get through, I need your votes!

If you like my cover, please click here to vote for it to be named Cover of the Month. You don’t need an AllAuthor account, you can ‘log in with Facebook’ to vote.

After a very trying 2020, it’s fantastic to be starting the new year with a little confidence boost. I’d be really happy if we can keep that going a little longer.

A Good Week

It feels a bit strange to be writing this but it’s turning out to be a good week. Yes, there’s more news. I’m also a guest author on chrisdovewrites! I was asked to write a piece about the inspiration for my travel mystery series. If you have a moment, you can read it here.

And while I’m on a roll… don’t forget you can buy my travel mystery books on Amazon!

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