We’re Not Alone

There are times in life when this quote may seem irrelevant. When you’re surrounded by people and wishing for a moment of quiet so you can read without interruption. For many of us, this isn’t one of those times. 

“We Read to Know We’re Not Alone”

– William Nicholson, Shadowlands

People may be returning to workplaces and schools. Life may seem more normal than it was six months ago. But the world is still a lonely place. 

The irony of this situation is that we may feel more connected to people we have never physically met than those we see on a daily basis. At times, we may feel most connected to people who don’t actually exist.

The characters in books may not be real but their emotions certainly are. They come from a real person. A person who has felt scared and excited and broken and euphoric and lost and at peace. And a thousand other things.

A person who sits beside us as we turn the pages and says,

“Yes, I feel that, too.”

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