The Never Forgotten Story

This week, one of our pet rabbits, Hester, died in her sleep. It’s been a really tough week for my family, especially my son, and our remaining rabbit, Harry. So comfort has been what we need most.

Normally I like new things. I’m curious and like to learn, so new things usually hold a great allure for me. But not right now. Right now, I am finding comfort in old, familiar things. Cooking our favourite meals, watching films I’ve already seen, and reading books I’ve read before. 

Knowing those familiar stories are still there, even though the books were closed, even though I wasn’t in the same room, or the same house, or the same city, since I last read them, brings me peace.

Knowing I can come back time and time again to those enduring stories, and find the same words on those pages – nothing changed, nothing lost – is a really precious thing.

Those we lose are always part of our lives, and they will always be just the same, no matter what we do or where we go. Even on days we don’t think of them, even if there comes a time when we can no longer remember certain things about them. Time will not change their stories, because we carry them inside us, always.

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