A Book Review in a Billion

Authors are small businesses. Like any other small business, their first and biggest challenge is getting noticed.

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On Amazon, books with less than 25 reviews are not included in the ‘You might also like…” and “Other customers also bought…’ sections. When you search for a particular category or keyword, books are displayed by order of popularity. So how do books with few reviews ever get seen?

Well, some books have the advantage of a big publisher promoting them via newsletters social media and advertising, sending out free copies to reviewers and getting space on bookstore shelves. And once readers have discovered one book they like, they may buy other books by the same author.

But how does that happen for all the authors who don’t have a contract with one of the major publishers?

One review at a time!

At the start of an author’s career, every single book sale is the result of time spent promoting their work. But once their book has enough reviews, they can spend more of their time on other things, like writing more books.

You can leave a review on a retailer’s website, and on reading sites like Goodreads, AllAuthor and Bookbub. Yours could be the review that turns an author’s dream into reality.

If you missed my tips post, here are 10 Tips for Writing Book Reviews.

And a bonus tip – you don’t have to love a book to review it. What you didn’t like about it, might just be the reason someone else chooses it!

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