The Snows of Mount Fuji

This week I’ve been answering author questions on One of the questions was: What inspired your latest book? Answer: A trip to Japan!

Here are a few memories from my trip that ended up playing a part in the book.

Those are escalators – in the sky. Where do they go?

Those are real (blunted) swords, and that’s one badass Samurai trainee, beside a dazed, exhilarated and very exhausted author.

Where there are cherry trees, there’s a party!

There are many castles – some are beautiful, some are creepy, and some are cute and cuddly.

Sleek and super fast, shinkansen are the epitome of cool.

From restaurants you have to take your shoes off to enter, to conveyor belt cafes and places like this where the chef cooks your food on your table, eating out is always an adventure.

Ninjas apparently don’t exist anymore, so why are there still training centres for them?

This is the view that inspired the solution to the mystery!

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5 thoughts on “The Snows of Mount Fuji

      1. Were you in Tokyo or Kyoto? Your photos brought back fond memories of my visit to Kyoto in 2010. Hope you were able to spend a couple of weeks or more to explore.


      2. We started in Tokyo, then travelled to Nagano, Kanezawa, Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, Himeji, Hakone (for Mt Fuji) and back to Tokyo over a three week period. We went to Samurai school in Kyoto, at the fantastic Samurai Kembu Theatre, so it’s a special place for me too.

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