Writer’s Block? What Writer’s Block?

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One of the questions I have been asked through Goodreads.com is how I deal with writer’s block. The answer is that I don’t deal with it; I avoid it. To avoid not doing something, I like to completely immerse myself in everything relating to it. I live it.

This week I am writing about my main character arriving in Costa Rica and getting to know the local area. I look at photo’s from my research trip. I practise my Spanish (donde esta el bar?). I read about Costa Rican wildlife. I draw oxcart wheels. I flip through my trip journal. I eat bananas. I write biographies of people I met there. I chop pineapples with a machete (just checking you are still with me). I check the volcano forecast (that’s actually true). Sadly I haven’t yet been able to swim outdoors, the British weather being what it is, but it’s on my list. It’s amazing I find time to work on the book, now I think about it.

If I couldn’t come up with something interesting to write after that, I wouldn’t be a writer. I’ll admit I don’t always write the section I had planned to tackle next, which can lead to an editing bottleneck, but writing about something that’s not really inspiring me right now is a sure way to achieve mediocrity. I’m aiming a bit higher – and having a lot of fun getting there.

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