What’s on your Wish-list?

I have become a goodreads author. I am very excited about being part of this online service, which enables members to keep a record of books they have read, along with a personal rating or recommendation. I’m hoping this will help me reach more potential readers, as it is another forum where people can discover my work.

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I can also interact with readers through the ‘ask the author’ function. People can post questions about my books or my life as an author. The service also provides a ‘want to read’ shelf, which is a personal wish-list of books. This is my favourite part. 

While I love a physical book, there is something very alluring about an online wish-list. For a start, you can’t misplace it (which is what usually happens to my lists). Plus, if your plans suddenly change and you want a new book at short notice, you can purchase one in minutes – from your personal selection. This way, you know it isn’t just the first thing you found that looked vaguely interesting. It is something you have properly considered, hoped for, and are actually looking forward to reading.

From an author’s perspective, the idea of one of my books being on someone’s ‘want to read’ shelf is very special indeed. After all the time and effort spent on writing a book, it is always gratifying when someone buys a copy. It is awesome when a reader takes the time to review my work. But the thought that somebody somewhere might put my book on their wish-list is a new – and rather exhilarating – experience for me.

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